RollerSoccer International Seminar in Turkey

RollerSoccer International Federation World Wide Development RSIFWD, International Professional Training Certification IPTC and RollerSoccer Asia Confederation RSAC organized International RollerSoccer Seminar in Adana, Turkey on 21 November 2015.

In this seminar, Mr. Mehdi Arash Salmanpour as the seminar Master who introduced RollerSoccer to all the participants, in this RollerSoccer Development, participants passed 8 hours of Theoretical and Practical Seminars about RollerSoccer to learn how to play the game and about RollerSoccer rules and regulations, previous world cups and Founder and President of RollerSoccer International Federation RSIF Mr. Zack Phillips.

At the end of the Seminar, all the participants were excited about this sport and Mr. Mehdi Arash Salmanpour, Vice President of RollerSoccer International Federation RSIF and Vice President of Federation South America RollerSoccer FSARS said: We will organize the 2016 RollerSoccer Club World Cup in Turkey.
For the first time, beginner participants used volleyball ball to play & practice RollerSoccer as the volleyball ball is much lighter and softer for the beginner and women to shoot and pass, also for the movement, it’s easier to control the ball movement and as it was the first time to use this ball instead of a normal size 5 football ball for the beginners to start practicing RollerSoccer, it gained great success, welcomed by participants and made beginner participants to improve and learn faster and better but of course as they become intermediate and professional they must use a size 5 football ball for playing RollerSoccer.

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