Speed Skating International Seminar in Turkey

International Professional Training Certification organized Speed Skating seminar in Adana, Turkey on 20 November 2015.

Speed Skating is one of the most famous field of Inline Skating and IPTC organized world record seminar for speed skating by Mr. Mehdi (Arash) Salmanpour with his assistant, one of the Speed Skating Champions, Abolfazl Majidi.

In this seminar, Mr. Mehdi (Arash) Salmanpour was the Master of the Seminar with his assistant who introduced Speed Skating in details to the participants.
Participants learned about the anatomy of the body in the seminar and also about main techniques of Speed Skating.
Thereafter, they have been taught about the official rules of the international competitions around the world.

At the end of the seminar, all the participants were excited about this seminar and received International Certificate for speed skating at the last day, they also had a short demonstration of Speed Skating.


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