Technical Skate Seminar by IPTC in Turkey

International Professional Training Certification organized technical of skate parts and skate hardware on 21 November 2015 which Mehdi (Arash)Salmanpour was the master and his assistants.

In this Seminar Mehdi (Arash) Salmanpour talked about technical parts of different Skates, Skateboards and Ice Skates as well as their accessories and tools, Mehdi (Arash) Salmanpour also showed every part the Skates to the participants and explained about the weight and size of the Skates, Skateboards and Ice Skates and the wheels, Bearings, Blades and Boots and how each one we will be used in different skate rinks/parks and after that he showed the participants about the first skates ever made and its history.
He then talked about how we can identify whether a skate device is standard or not.

At the end of the seminar, the participants had a session to ask their questions and to get their answers.

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