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About IPTC

International Professional Training Certification IPTC Management & Training Departments Organize different coaching courses for all the Applicants.

Courses and Seminars are in various majors and different age categories.

Management of seminars conduct with the management committee and professional supervisors from different countries who are expert in their own fields.

 Our Mission


 Our Mission

Education system which is following university methods to train people under direct supervision of international masters and professors including international valid certificate.

  • Academic training for all the coaches, referees, masters, managers and Organizers by IPTC.
  • To involve with local board of education starting from kindergarten till university as a major course for their students.
  • Educate people in different age categories including special needs.

We Are on The Way to Your Country

International Professional Training Certification IPTC Management and Organization Departments is always looking forward to your official request for the Next IPTC Seminars and Training courses in your Preferred Place in All over the World.

Our Training Departments are ready to Organize the IPTC Courses from A to Z in your Country.

You need to choose your IPTC course subject, then you will see the most Professionals and qualified masters who will share their latest knowledge and short cut ways of Improvements to all the progress lovers from all around the world.