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History of IPTC

International Professional Training Certification IPTC is an efficient academic method of professional training for different fields and subjects which needs training and it organizes seminars for each subject by their respective proficient masters which it will be guaranteed by International Certification today.

History of IPTC have been made when the founder and president of IPTC, Mr. Mehdi (Arash) Salmanpour was just 14 years old and when he first started the academic method of training for the Skating and the sports which are related to inline skating, roller skating and changed the method of training from traditional to modern and methodical way of training.

Mr. Mehdi (Arash) Salmanpour, at the age of 14, started his researches and studies widely in the path of Skate Sports, Skate Shoes as well as anatomy of the body and physical education.

He continued his career by studying the history of Skate Sports books up to the time that he was able to build and begin his own method of training for only 1 level of training.

At the age 16, He wrote and published the first book in the field of Skate Sport Training by the title of “How to Skate?“ in Iran which contained 187 pages; after that he started to organize Coaching and Assistant Coaching courses for his appropriate Assistant coaches in Kish Island in Iran.

At the age of 17, He established the Arash Skate School and started his career as the skate school in all the kindergartens and schools.

At the age of 18, He elected as the successful teenage in the country and he had an interview with national TV channel which he mentioned that he wants to widely present this method to the world and improve it.

Pishro Skate Kish PSK registered in Kish Island and it started its career widely throughout the whole country.

After few years, he traveled to the United Arab Emirates UAE and registered Arash Skate Institute ASI and he improved his method by adding 3 new levels and arranged them by putting them in order from 1st to 4th level and gave each a specific color, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Green in ascending order.
Over the next few years, he once again developed his method and upgrade it to the university system and also headed a new level (Fifth Level) symbolized by red color, he used the high school and university style of training and teaching so he divided the levels and increased the standards.

Many Coaches certified and awarded the Coach Certificate in UAE by Arash Salmanpour from different nationalities and deployed his method of training in many official academies all around the globe.

Arash Skate Academy ASA established in Alexandria, Egypt by Mehdi (Arash) Salmanpour and it entered the Arab Countries with the same method.
Mehdi (Arash) Salmanpour established Arash Sports Academy ASA in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia so that he could enter the big Sports World as well as promoting this method in South East Asian Countries.

Furthermore, Lizard Sports Academy LSA established in Istanbul by him and Eito Yasutoko, the world champion and medalist of extreme inline vert skating as the partner.

Today, International Professional Training Certification IPTC has more than 37 full Levels just for the Skating Sports major throughout the world and if we want to compare it to the universities, a student can be taught 4 years and for some fields even up to 8 years of training in different subjects and collecting various degrees such as, Assistant Coach, Coach, Coach Manager, Head Coach/Instructor, also in organization committees, to be able to organize a local and International Championship or seminar, Office Management, about magazines and photography and videography, to be able to build a skate park and designing skate shoes, Skateboarding, BMX and Ice Skates.

The future Aim of IPTC is to continue its profession as the University in 2017 and 2018 in the United States of America and all the skate federations and confederations’ presidents to be graduated from this University and prepare them to be able to manage and handle any Skate Federation professionally in their countries.