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IPTC at a Glance

Who is it designed for?

IPTC Seminar - Adana 2015 (1)IPTC seminars and sessions are suitable for those who have already gained some experience of coaching whilst working as an apprentice, following their completion of latest award/qualification in fields. coaches working towards their assistant coach qualification should be committed to their own development as a coach and should be able to demonstrate this through extended off course study. They should continue to work with a more experienced and qualified coach throughout their course of study.

Have you Ever Participated in IPTC Coaching Courses ?

IPTC - Old SeminarInternational Professional Training Certification Organization Dep. will provide official Training Courses for all those people already are coach or assistant coach but still they are not certified by any Professional Academy or they would like to Upgrade & Up-to-date their coach Certifications.
Those people who would like to be coach and start a new life with coaching and training, can apply for IPTC as well. As soon as they join IPTC, they will start to learn professional and latest method of training and management from beginning to intermediate and advance levels

Age Limit

IPTC Seminar - Adana 2015International Professional Training Certification IPTC Managements and Training Departments believe that for the Training and Coaching, Age is Just a Number.
If you are too young or too old but you believe yourself and you think you can teach people,  we believe you too.
We would like to Inform you that President and Founder of IPTC has started to train his first students officially when he was 13.5 years old. after 2 years he had more than 150 students. until today he excess his training up to 10000 Students from all over the world specially in International Schools and Kindergartens.

” So, If you think you can be a great future coach, we start to train you from this moment “

IPTC Coaching Levels

International Professional Training Certification IPTC Management & Training Departments Organize different coaching courses for all the Applicants.

Those people who don’t have enough experience for coaching they need to apply for :

– Assistant Coach Classes & Certificate.

Those people who have enough experience for coaching and training they can apply directly for:

– Coach Classes & Certificate.

Those people who have enough experience for professional coaching and managing and they already have coach certificate , they can apply directly for :

– Coach Manager Course & Certificate.

Those people who have long experience & knowledge for professional coaching and managing and they already have coach certificate & enough documents to prove themselves , they can apply for:

– Head Instructor Courses and Certificate.

IPTC Theoretical Classes

seminarAll The IPTC Coaches officially attend in International Professional Training Certification Theoretical Classes.
In this classes all of the coaches learn step by step of professional and academic method of training.


IPTC Practical Classes

IPTC Practical ClassesAfter the theoretical classes IPTC Coaches attend in Practical Sessions.
In this official training sessions, all the coaches practice and learn different Important training key points step by step from the master of the training course.