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Federation International Football Skating 1st Extraordinary Congress. New President Elected.

The First Extraordinary Congress of FIFS’s ended with new projects, purposes and a new President, 2 Vice Presidents and its board members.
The congress that took place in Tasigo 5 Star Hotel, Eskisehir-Turkey successfully done from 8th – 13th April 2017. The exciting news is the consolidation of RollerSoccer International Federation RSIF and Futins International Federation FIF to a single International Federation that will serve as an umbrella for both federations/sports around the globe. This new Federation elected a new President. Mr. Mehdi Arash Salmanpour! He has been working tirelessly as the president of Futins International Federation fully committed to the development of the sport around the world. Mr. Mehdi Arash Salmanpour is holding several official international positions in various international Federations. In fact, he made this First Extraordinary Congress possible, which made the consolidation of a single international federation possible. And Mr. Zack Phillips founder and president of RollerSoccer International Federation from the USA and Mr. Almir Falcao founder of Futins sport and vice president of FIF, from the Brazil elected as the two vice presidents to FIFS. From 8th April 2017, the cooperation of both RollerSoccer and Futins federations together and beside each other with the same aim and mission is confirmed.

Mr. Salmanpour shared his desire to continue working hard in order to take this sport to the whole world. This includes being a candidate for the Olympic games and FIFA! He would also like to introduce the sport as a staple to colleges and schools. Also, the President talked about the role of the Federation in society and showed special sympathy for all people with varying gifts and limitations.

FIFS World Cups announcements:
During the congress, next 4 world cups was officially announced.
Mr. Zack Phillips shared an invitation to the International RollerSoccer Club World Cup that will take place in Marseille – France in August 2017.And same competition will take place in United States in 2019.
Mr. Almir Falcao, also announced that Turkey will be the host for the World Cup of Futins in 2018 and also 2020 in Basil.

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