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First day of IPTC seminar is started!

We have had an incredible day at the First Extraordinary Congress of Futins in Eskisehir!

The morning started early with a spirit of unity and fraternity already in the air. The day progressed with two segments.

The first part was presented by Mr. Zack Phillips, who provided a workshop explaining the rules of Roller Soccer. The participants, especially the younger ones, were excited and showed much interest by asking questions concerning the rules, the regulations, the penalties, examples of possible situations…to mention some. Zack expertly explained every answer and knowledgeably handled every doubt that was expressed. A great time of learning was had by all.

The second part of the day was in the field. The Eskisehir’s Committee provided a comfortable and suitable facility to host the practical part of the conference. Participants from more than 30 countries were trained by Zack and Arash. The instructors exhibited new exercises, ways to improve ball movement, and methods for better rolling. Participants were able to immediately put all of this instruction to use. The practical time then ended with a super match Between all the participants. With everyone competing to their best level, much skill and talent on the field was witnessed.

The spirit of comradely created by the conference and participants’ love of their sport was evident on our return as cheers were given for one country from another and singing was heard. It truly was a unbelievable day for the First Extraordinary Congress of Futins!

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