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General Skate Coaching Webinar for Yellow and Orange Level


IPTC is going to organize online educational seminar (webinar) on 7th and 8th October 2016 for General Skate coaching level Yellow and Orange, and the coaches are going to learn ‘How to teach skating to the students from the very beginning and foundation’.

The General Skate Coaching method have been founded by Mr. Mehdi Arash Salmanpour who is also the master of the mentioned webinar.
As you might know, Coaches play a very important role in training the students as they must have the knowledge to teach the students step by step as well as having an ideal class management and training strategy.

Till date, about 10000 people are existed who have received international certificate from IPTC from many schools and universities, worldwide.
The skate coaches who have studied the referred coaching method are able to train students who are 3 to 80+ years old without any risk as the method is highly understandable and easy. As a result, everyone can enjoy skating without any risk and learn this beautiful sport in a professional and fast process.

The various parameters which the coaches are going to learn in the webinar and are significant for them in their coaching career are listed below:

  • Class management
  • Time management
  • Training Strategy
  • Brief information about international federations
  • Achieving great and satisfactory result and certification
  • Training students to have a correct and flawless style

IPTC will also provide Official valid certification and ID Card, which will be sent to each and every participants through carrier post.
For attending in the webinar, please complete your registration and book your webinar by contacting us through email to the official IPTC email address: info@iptcertification.com

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