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The Futins International Coaching and Refereeing Certification

The Futins International Coaching and Refereeing Certification is nearing its end and today was the most important day of all. We began with an enjoyable practical section of Futins Referee’s Signals. The participants exhibited excitement throughout the time. The fun but productive time finished with the energy of our young participants cheering, dancing and giving us an amazing closing for the practical times and the conference itself.

Then during the afternoon, the participants had their certification exam. Beforehand, it was gratifying to see the them studying in the lobby and the lounge of the facilities. They had given their best during the Seminars and conference, particularly the practical sections. Their hard work and studying paid off. They all did great!

Evening brought the formal closing and farewell celebration in the Gala Room of the 5 Stars Hotel Turung. The ceremony started at 7 o’clock. Distinguished personalities from Eskisehir’s Ministry, Industry and Entrepreneurs honored us by attending and offered an encouraging speech for our athletes. Their words included dedication to developing the FUTINS in Eskisehir, great news for the local team who is preparing for the upcoming RollerSoccer Club World Cup France 2017 and Futins World Cup Turkey 2018.

The evening continued pleasantly, and the anticipated time finally came: “The delivery of the certificates.” The participants were so excited and with great energy and joy put their hands together to cheer for their comrades. A great spirit of friendship was seen between countries and teams from different parts of the world.

This incredible night ended with an engaging time of dancing, laughing and cultural integration. We all will take this memory and many more as reminders of the entire conference and the enjoyment and unity that we share through this sport!

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