On 18th July 2022, Mr. Mehdi Salman Pour the President of the Federation International Football Skating FIFS invited to Ankara Turkey’s Capital city, for an official meeting with the President of the Turkey Skateboarding Federation. Turkey representative of the International Football Skating Federation and other board members and officials.

During this official meeting, the FIFS President mentioned we would like to organize the 15th Football Skating World Cup 2022 in a country which can be hosted for this large World Championship such as Turkey.

He added that we had already organized 14 Football Skating World Cups in various parts of the World and today according to the excellent and high potential of Turkey, we can bring this World Cup to this beautiful Country.

No doubt Turkey can be a very good choice for the mentioned World level Event and it can be an important history in Turkey sports as well.

The following Countries hosted the previous Football Skating World Cups:

President of the Turkey Skateboarding Federation Mr. OKYAY UTKU ATABAŞ mentioned Turkish Sports Government always ready to be host for the International Championships and welcome all the countries to travel here and enjoying their sports.

Mr. Sayim Adanur the official representative of the Federation International Football Skating FIFS added, there are many cities in turkey can be host for the Football Skating World Cup 2022 such as Trabzon, Antalya, Istanbul, Samsun etc.

Mr. Sayim adanur officially appointed as the Turkey representative by Mr. Mehdi (Arash) Salman Pour the International Federation President.

The FIFS President said, I would like to bring this mega event in Turkey and organize it on 10th-18th December 2022. for sure +45 Countries willing to participate in the “FSWC 2022 TURKEY”

The photo was taken on 18 July 2022, at the Turkish Ministry of Sports in the presence of Mr. Mehdi Salman Pour (FIFS President), Mr. Okyay Utku (Turkish Skateboarding National Federation President), Mr. Sayim Adanur (Turkey Football Skating Representative), Mr. Aykut Uç (Turkish Federation Board of Directors and responsible for the Instutations) Mr. Selçuk Ertürk (Turkey Skateboarding organization vice president), and Mr. Ahmad Ebrahimzadeh (Assistant of the FIFS’ president)


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