IPTC is an official Non-Profit organization. Founded in 1997, registered and recognized by the New York Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Chamber of Commerce, various National Olympic Committees, Sports Ministries, International Federations, International Organizations, Universities, Sports Clubs, etc.
IPTC organization many International Certification Seminars, Professional Training Courses, theoretical and practical educational programs, International Camps, Schools Sports Activities, include valid certifications all over the world. Read More


IPTC Expansion Goals
The IPTC goal is to become an official University- “IPSU” in North America and Europe soon.

(IPSU is International Professional Sports University), and we will establish a minimum of the 5 continental IPSU universities around the world includes international sports federations and organizations as officially recognized members.


  • Start Partnership with all the International Sports Federations.
  • Worldwide educational sports development
  • Supporting the international/continental/national federations and organizations in their events, congresses, certification seminars, and educations programs.
  • Starting collaboration/partnership with the schools and universities around the world.
  • Supporting the Special-Needs kids in the various sports
  • Supporting charities with the IPTC events.
  • Promoting new sports in the creation of IPTC's affiliated National Governing Bodies in countries around the world.

IPF- Global Parkour Congress, Details and News July 7, 2020

IPF, the international governing body and sole competent authority for Parkour and Freerunning worldwide held its 2020 Global Congress via Zoom on Saturday, June 6. Representatives from more than 50 countries and five continents were in attendance. Since 2014, IPF has supported the growth of independent National Parkour Federations, as well as educational, peace, and gender equity initiatives around the world.

Virtual Congress hosted by IPTC.


Municipalities/Gov./Organizations Partners.

IPTC organized various international events, certification seminars, education programs and different Championships with the fully support and partnership of the following Municipalities, Gov. and organizations.


Become IPTC Partner/Representative/Member

As soon as we received your application, International Professional Training Certification will review your request and documents. We will send you the results right after your request and documentation approved by IPTC. The approbation and Recognition License will send you by License Department ASAP.