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About us

IPTC is an official Non-Profit organization. Founded in 1997, registered and recognized by the New York Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Chamber of Commerce, various National Olympic Committees, SportsMinistries, International Federations, International Organizations, Universities, Sports Clubs, etc.

IPTC organization many International Certification Seminars, Professional Training Courses, theoretical and practical educational programs, International Camps, Schools Sports Activities, including valid certifications all over the world.

The IPTC’s history has been started when the founder and president of the IPTC, Mr. Mehdi Salman Pour is known as Arash Salmanpour was just 14 years old. At the first action, he started to change the old and the traditional training method of In-line Skating, Roller Skating, and Ice skating to the academic and modern training methods for the beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels.







IPTC Expansion Goals

The IPTC goal is to become an official University- “IPSU” in North America and Europe soon.
(IPSU is International Professional Sports University), and we will establish a minimum of the 5 continental IPSU universities around the world includes international sports federations and organizations as officially recognized members.


IPTC Priority

  • IPTC Become one of the main educational organizations in the world with a minimum of 200 sports.
  • Start Partnership with all the International Sports Federations.
  • Worldwide educational sports development.
  • Supporting the international/Continental/National
    Federations and organizations in their events, congresses, certification seminars, and educations programs.
  • Starting collaboration/partnership with the schools and universities around the world.
  • Supporting the Special-Needs kids in various sports.
  • Supporting charities with the IPTC events.
  • Promoting new sports in the creation of IPTC’s affiliated National Governing Bodies in countries around the world.



IPTC History


He established the Arash Skate School in 1997 in Kish Island. (the first-ever steps for IPTC) Arash Salmanpour, at the same age, started his researches and studies widely in the path of skating sports, skate shoes, equipment, safeties, as well as physical education.
He continued his career by studying the history of skate books up to the time that he was able to create his own training method for only beginners.
A professional method includes 16 techniques for coaches. Now with Arash’s method, the coaches can train In-line skate, Ice skate, and roller skate students from 2/5 years old up to 75 years old.



At the age of 16, He wrote and published his first book in the field of Skate Training with the title of “How to Skate?“ after that, Arash started to organize Coaching and Assistant Coach courses in Kish Island. in those days the certificates have been issued by Arash Skate School and signed by Mehdi Salman Pour to provide to all the students, and coaches.



At the age of 17, He established the Pishro Skate Kish company and started his professional training wider in all the kindergartens and schools.



He traveled to the United Arab Emirates- UAE and registered the first skate organization and named “Arash Skate Institute- ASI” to improve his knowledge and experience in the Middle East. It was a big step for Arash and his aim which is to establish the “International Professional Sports University- IPSU” one day soon.
In Arash skate Institute of Dubai, the training method improved by adding new levels and organizing them by giving each level a specific color: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Red, etc.
Besides, he started and added new sports and courses. Arash invited new professional Master Trainers from around the world to cooperate with him in the various certification programs in the institutes, schools, universities, camps, and sports clubs.

Over the next year, he once again developed his method and upgrade it to the university system, and name it IPTC- International Professional Training Certification.
Mehdi Salmanpour used high school and university training methods. he divided the sports, courses, levels and increased the standards for the International Instructors and Referees in various sports. Many Coaches with different nationalities were certified by Arash Salmanpour and received their
Coaching Certificate in UAE and deployed his method of training in many other official National Federations/academies/clubs or companies globally.



Later a branch of the Arash Skate Academy- ASA was established in Alexandria, Egypt by one of Arash’s students and assistants.



As he always had a big vision for the development of the IPTC he established the Arash Sports Academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia so that he could enter the bigger Sports World as well as promote IPTC Seminars in East and Southeast Asian Countries.



He also established the Lizard Sports Academy- LSA in Istanbul- Turkey to better promote the IPTC seminars and training camps in both Asian and European counties.


IPTC Europe Branch- Turkey

Mehdi Salman Pour the IPTC founder registered another IPTC branch in Antalya- Turkey.
Since 2016, thousands of coaches and referees in various sports have attended IPTC international Certification seminars in Turkey and received their official certifications under the supervision of expert Instructors, doctors, and professors.

In 2020, According to the Covid-19, the IPTC organization started its online certification webinars.
Today we have many students from around the world, who are registering in the IPTC online courses in various sports to both, improve their knowledge and receive their licenses/certificates.



Today. IPTC is partners with More than 50 International Federations and Organizations such as the International Parkour Federation-IPF, the International Yoga Federation- IYF, the Federation of International Football Skating- FIFS, and the Extreme Sports Federation, and more than 150 National
IPTC organizing international certification seminars, International and continental federations’ congresses, assembly meetings, as well as promoting sports worldwide for its members.
The IPTC’s main goal and mission is to develop sports academically in every corner of the world, establishing the IPSU- International Professional Sports University headquarters in both North America and Europe. 5 years later we will have the same University Branches on 5 continents.



IPTC Road Map    (1997 – 2030)




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