How do I Start a Course or Program?
To start a course or certification program, simply you can select it from our seminars or online webinar list. you need to contact our registration department. they will help you to register for your favorite certification program. You will receive an official certificate at the end of each course.


What service IPTC will provide and what are the costs?
The certification fee depends on the organization, host country, expenses, level of the certification, seminars Master Trainers/Professors, and duration of the courses.

The registration fees might change in different countries.


The income from the registration fees and sponsors will be spent for:

• Airport transportation to hotel and hotel to Airport for all the international participants.
• Hotel and Accommodation.
• Breakfast and sometimes 3 times food for all the participants.
• IPTC Uniform (some seminars).
• IPTC official ID card.
• Theoretical/Practical seminars.
• Valid certifications will be awarded to the participants during the IPTC certification ceremony.
• Certifications, ID cards, uniforms, etc. for online seminars will send to the participants’ address by
courier post if requested.


The cost for the various seminars, Retreats, training camps, educational programs, etc. might be different according to the host and services.


How will I get my Certificate?
At the end of each seminar/camp/training course, etc. IPTC will organize a Certification Ceremony. the Participants will receive their international certifications from VIP during this ceremony.


What is the Value of the Certifications?
IPTC is the official and recognized partner with many international sports federations, organizations, universities, etc. to organize professional training courses and academic seminars for their coaches, referees, players, officials, participants, etc.

These seminars will be organized in different countries by the IPTC organization department, and it will be %100 under the direct control of the respective federations/organization.

Each seminar will be trained by the official Master Trainer/Instructor/Referee/Professors or CEO who are introduced by the international federations/organizations.


How we can Verify a Certificate?
All the certificates can be verified on the IPTC official website www.iptcertification.com or you can send us an email to verification@iptcertification.com


IPTC courses requiring any previous knowledge?
Our seminars and courses are designed for both professionals and non-professionals (Beginners).

If you would join IPTC seminars for the first time you are welcome.

Therefore, you might need previous knowledge, experiences, and documentation for attending higher certification courses.

you can contact us any time to get our free advice for your future program info@iptcertification.com


What is the age limit to participate in the International sports coaching and refereeing certification seminars? why?
International Professional Training Certification IPTC Management and Training Departments believe that for the coaching and refereeing in many sports, Age is Just a Number.


If you are too young or too old but you believe in yourself and you think you can teach people or be a good referee, we believe you too!


We would like to inform you that the President and Founder of the IPTC Mr. Mehdi Salman Pour have started to train his first students officially when he was 13.5 years old. after 2 years he had more than 150 students. Today he excess his training up to 10000 Students from all over the world especially in
International Schools, Universities, Federations, etc.

Now IPTC for some special sports trying to train very young coaches and referees.

”So, If you think you can be a great future coach, referee, manager, etc. we will start to train you from this moment“


Can I attend the online courses? How about the Certification Value?
IPTC online courses/webinars are designed for those people who are not able to travel for any reason such as traveling cost, visa problems, military service, age limited, long destination to the seminar hosted country, and recently the COVID-19 situation.

IPTC online courses are very academic and professional.

Participants right after the registration process will receive the Webinar link by email.

The certification value of the Seminars and virtual webinars is the same value, issued by the IPTC license department and recognized by the International/continental respective sports federations/organizations.


Do I get an official certificate for online courses?
The answer is YES!

All the participants in IPTC online seminars will receive an official Certification, ID card, Uniform, and sometimes books and accessories by courier post in their address if they requested otherwise the certifications will issue by the IPTC License department and will send to the applicants by email.


Can I work under IPTC’s supervision when I get my certificates?
Definitely Yes!

If you plan to work under the direct supervision of IPTC in your country, be sure we will support you as much as possible.

you can be the IPTC ambassador in your country as well.


How we can get an affiliation License for the National Federation or register a Club with IPTC and the International Federation?
There are 3 important steps. you can get your National Federation affiliation
License or register your sports club/academy with the International Federation or IPTC.

Step 1
• your organization should recognize by IPTC or the official international federation
• Electing the Federation/association/club’ president
• Electing vice president/vice presidents
• Electing the treasurer
• Electing the Secretary-General
• Electing committees Directors/Managers

Step 2
• Select a suitable name for the new Federation/association/Club/Team
• Designing a logo for this organization
• You should send your request letter to be an affiliate on the new organization letterhead
• The applicant needs to explain why they would like to be the official affiliated member

Step 3
• Sending all the official’s Passport copies/national ID, Photos of members,
• Organization address, Postal Cod., Phone, Email, website, social media, etc.
• Organization Registration Fees,
• CV of President,
• The organization’s aims/strategic plan, on letterhead included by President and Secretary General’
signatures on all the pages.

Email: affiliation@iptcertification.com


What are the IPTC contacts emails?

IPTC office: info@iptcertification.com

President: president@iptcertification.com

IPTC Registration Department: registration@iptcertification.com

IPTC finance Department: finance@iptcertification.com

Affiliation: affiliation@iptcertification.com

Certification and License Department: license@iptcertification.com

Sponsorship Department: sponsor@iptcertification.com

IPTC Verification Department: verification@iptcertification.com


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