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You can apply for the IPTC certification seminars or any other programs at any time.


You will learn your favorite major, under the direct supervision of experienced and Professional Professors, Doctors, Trainers Master, Engineers, and Managers.

Every year, IPTC organizes various academic certification seminars, training courses, educational camps, and online webinars around the world.

of course, the mentioned events are guaranteed by valid and official certificates, and IPTC will provide certification to its participants.


– Do you want to become an international Instructor or Referee in your favorite sport?  Apply Now

– Are you an athlete and would like to apply for the Athletes license?  Apply Now

– Would you register your National/Continental or International Federation/Association with IPTC and get your recognition License?  Apply Now

– Would you like to register your Sports’ Club/Academy/School with IPTC and receive your recognition License?  Apply Now


Registration Process:

1- Fill up the IPTC online registration form completely and submit it.

2- Please Send us the following needed documents to the provided Email Address as soon as you submitted your registration form


Required Documents:

– A Passport copy / valid ID copy
– Participant’ biomatric picture
– Registration payment receipt


Registration payment method:

Participants can pay in any of the following methods

– Bank Transaction to the IPTC bank account
– Western Union
– Digital Currency money – USDT-Tether
– International money transfer offices

Note: Please send the payment receipt to the IPTC registration department including the required documents



Additional Documents (optional):

– CV / Resume if you have
– A copy of the important Certifications / Qualifications if you have
– A copy of your last IPTC Certificates if you have

Please do not hesitate to contact the IPTC registration department or the advisors with any questions and inquiries.


IPTC Online Registration Form:

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