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Welcome to the IPTC Skate Institute


On this page, you will learn more about IPTC Skate Institute training courses and experiences.

You can request to become an official and recognized IPTC Skate Institute affiliated member in your country.

  • of course, you will receive your affiliation and recognition License as well.


Individual Coaches, Students can directly join IPTC at any time. 

Why we should Join IPTC Skate Institute?

Become an official licensed Skate Training Institute, Club, or School under the direct supervision of the International Professional Training Certification- IPTC

Professional Training & Super Easy Method since 1997

• International Professional Training Certification – IPTC

• Long experience since 1997

No age limited: 3 years old up to 75 years old students







• IPTC Instructors know well how to teach very young kids or very old students


Me and Mommy Skating Courses









• Special skate training courses for the kids and moms at the same time

IPTC Family Training Courses








• Special skating courses for the family at the same time in students places



Additional Especial Course! Each Family, one Certified Instructor!








  • Did you know that you or any of your family members can become an official family skating instructor by IPTC in no time?
  • Without any skating experience
  • Without any Sports background
  • Male or female in any age category
  • By only 2 theoretical training sessions, include valid Family Instructor Certification
  • One-year online support

IPTC Private Session at students place

IPTC will send the professional instructors to the student’s place for the private courses

IPTC Group Training Sessions

• Professional group training sessions by IPTC International Certified Instructors

  • Beginner Courses
  • Intermediate Courses
  • Advance Courses



All the IPTC Courses are Included official International Certifications

• IPTC offers certifications in different colors to students of various levels from beginners to the advanced levels


IPTC Skating Certification Seminars
















• IPTC organizing various International Certification Seminars for its members, Institutes, Clubs, Federations, Coaches, and athletes every year. Participants will join IPTC Skate Certification Seminars to improve and update their knowledge.

IPTC International Certification Ceremony

• At the end of each seminar, IPTC will organize a certification ceremony for its local and international participants. They will receive official Certificates from International Professional Training Certification IPTC.


IPTC Adults Training Courses

• With the IPTC method of training, Instructors can train Adults very easily, safely, and fast.

IPTC Schools Training Courses

• IPTC has strong experience in Schools training since 1997.

  • Professional Skate Training in Schools
  • After School Activity
  • School Summer Camps
  • Schools Championship Organization
  • Schools Show and Sports Event
  • Schools Skating Team Training

IPTC University Training Courses

• IPTC has has great experience and knowledge in Universities Training since 2008.

  • Professional Skate Training in various Universities around the world
  • Training Camps
  • Show and Skating Events in Universities
  • Universities Skating Team Training for competitions

The students will receive an international Instructor, Coach Certification, or athletes license.

IPTC International Training Method with Colors

IPTC International Training Method (1st Level- YELLOW)


• Yellow uniforms represent the IPTC Level 1

IPTC International Training Method (2nd Level ORANGE )

• Orange uniforms represent the IPTC Level 2

IPTC International Training Method (3rd Level BLUE)

• Blue uniforms represent the IPTC Level 3

IPTC Professional Training Method for the (Angels Special Needs children)


• This is our honor in IPTC to train the Special Needs Students.


IPTC door is always open for the special needs students and our full services for these Angels are 100% Free of charge.  

You can join IPTC today!

Registration Process:


The IPTC Registration Department will contact you as soon as we received your request email.