Yoga Department

Yoga Department

International Yoga Federation- IYF is the official member and Partner of International Professional Training Certification- IPTC



Name:   Akif Manaf

Department: IPTC Yoga Department

Title: Chairman

Country: TURKEY


International Yoga Federation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to regulating, developing, and promoting yoga sport.

It is governed by its member associations, which are national yoga federations, and has a professional staff.

International Yoga Federation organizes a portfolio of international events, including international championships and international tournaments, promotes yoga through its communications and broadcast department, and offers development and education services to its members.


Yoga is a universal sport that requires physical & mental infrastructure and knowledge.
It is necessary to improve the level of two pillars within national yoga federations around the world to grow the availability of yoga and ultimately increase the number of people who implement yoga. This is a development.
IYF supports all members and tailored projects to spread and promote yoga. Alongside education programs for coaches, referees, and athletes, International Yoga Federation offers national federations assistance in the process of strategic planning.


IPTC Yoga Services: 

  • IPTC/IYF International Instructors Certification Seminars
  • IPTC/IYF International Referee Certification Seminars
  • IPTC Yoga Tour
  • National Yoga Federation/Association registration
  • Yoga Club registration
  • Yoga Sport Development
  • Become an individual Yoga Member
  • Become a certified Yoga Athlete

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