IPTC Skate Club

IPTC Skate Club


IPTC Skate Club




Department: IPTC Skate Club

Title: Chairman



Welcome to the IPTC Skate Club

You can apply now for the following sports:


  • Inline Skate          Roller Skate         ICE Skate        Skateboar 






Professional Training & Super Easy Method

Long experience since 1997



Training Courses Organize by:

International Professional Training Certification – IPTC






No age limited: 3 years old up to 75 years old

  • We believe that anyone of any age can enjoy skating Family Courses











Me and Mommy 


  • Special skate training for kids and moms at the same time










Family Training


  • Special skating courses for the family at the same time in your place


Me and Nanny  

  • Special skate training for children and nanny at the same time


Each Family, one Certified Instructor!

  • Did you know that you or any of your family members can become an official family skating instructor by IPTC in no time?
  • Without any skating experience
  • Without any Sports background
  • Male or female in any age category
  • By only 2 theoretical training sessions, include valid Family Instructor Certification
  • lifetime online support

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