IPTC TV Department

IPTC TV Department


Welcome to the IPTC TV Department.


What is IPTC TV?

International Professional Training Certification officially created the “IPTC TV” Department.

The main aim of this Internet TV Channel is the better development and improvements of sports, educational programs, training seminars, and virtual courses.

Also, IPTC TV will be focused on the promotion of the various National, Continental, and International competitions/championships, global events, different exhibitions, Art Galleries, federations congresses, interviews with officials, athletes, professors, successful people, etc.

We will be much closer to you through IPTC TV.


IPTC Partners and members from various parts of the world provide us the suitable video materials to show to the world by IPTC official TV.

IPTC launched its first TV in November 2021.
The organization plans to make “IPTC TV” one of the most important Internet TVs in the world in 2023-2025.

It will be a major part of the IPTC and IPSU (International Professional Sports University) in North America-Canada and it will be managed from there.


IPTC TV Management Board









Name: Mehdi Salman Pour – Arash

Department: IPTC TV Department

Title: Founder & Manager

Country: Turkey




Name: Jamshid Yazdani

Department: IPTC TV Department

Title: Deputy

Country: Iran



Name: Aazam Dehbashi

Department: IPTC TV Department

Title: Content Production and Supply Manager

Country: Iran


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