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Welcome to International Professional Training Certification IPTC

  • IPTC Mission and Expansion Goals

    The IPTC goal is to become an official University- “IPSU” in North America and Europe soon.
    (IPSU is International Professional Sports University), and we will establish a minimum of the 5
    continental IPSU universities around the world include international sports federations and organizations as officially recognized members.

    The International Professional Training Certification with a long experience since 1997, existed to support the International Federations/Organizations, Continental Federations, National Federations/Associations/NGOs, Clubs, or Companies, and collaborate with them for better development of their aims all over the world.
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    IPTC is an official Non-Profit organization, Founded in 1997, registered and recognized by the New York Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Chamber of Commerce, various National Olympic Committees, Sports Ministries, International and Continental Federations, International Organizations, Universities, Sports Clubs, etc.

    IPTC organizing International Certification Seminars, Professional Training Courses, theoretical and practical educational programs, International Camps, Schools Sports Activities, including valid certifications all over the world.

  • The IPTC goal is to become an official University- “IPSU” in North America and Europe soon.
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  • Certifications and Licenses for the IPTC Partners

    IPTC will be in authority for the issuance of the specific certifications and licenses under the supervision of the International Federations/its partners.
    All the necessary information of the certificate holders will be provided to the IPTC License Department by the main federation/organization.
    IPTC will issue various certificates for the recognized coaches/referees/participants, etc. who were introduced by the IPTC Partners and joined the respective certification seminar.
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  • Online Certification Courses

    IPTC organizing various International Coach, Referee, and other educational certification online seminars.
    especially during the Covid-19, the virtual courses help people to improve their knowledge and keep continuing self-development.
    also, it helps the Federations and Clubs to organize their national and international
    certifications programs for their members.
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