IPTC President

IPTC Priority

  • IPTC Become one of the main educational organizations in the world with a minimum of 200 sports.
  • Start Partnership with all the International Sports Federations.
  • Worldwide educational sports development.
  • Supporting the international/Continental/National
    Federations and organizations in their events, congresses, certification seminars, and educations programs.
  • Starting collaboration/partnership with the schools and universities around the world.
  • Supporting the Special-Needs kids in various sports.
  • Supporting charities with the IPTC events.
  • Promoting new sports in the creation of IPTC’s affiliated National Governing Bodies in countries around the world.



  • Founder and President of the International Professional Training Certification IPTC
  • Board Member and Advisor of the Federation International Sports for All FISPT
  • President of Asia Freerunning Parkour Union AFPU
  • President of the Federation International Football Skating FIFS
  • President of Futins International Federation FIF
  • Vice President of the Asian Extreme Sports Federation AXF
  • President of UAE Roller Sports and the only World Skate Representative in UAE
  • Deputy Secretary-General of the International Parkour Federation IPF
  • Vice President of the International Parkour Federation IPF

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